Saturday, 5 July 2014

Why Numerology is Important

by Abie Marry

Numerology is the study of numbers. You can see numerology as an occult science that deals with the symbolic aspect of numbers. In numerology letters are 'translated' into figures. This is not as unusual as it sounds. Numerology translated means'knowledge of numbers’. Date of birth contains information about our character and way of life that we chose. It's like a window to us invisible, yet real world. Numerology is one of the helpers that we have brought into the world and it is up to each of us, whether this assistance and will use that opens for himself and another door leading to a greater understanding and knowledge.

Numerology is the ultimate learning about the importance of numbers of our birth dates and thus the interpretation of our destiny. Numerology is very old. The Babeloniers, which are also responsible for astrology, kept themselves involved with it. An important role in the development of numerology was later played by the Greek philosopher and scientist Pythagoras, who went out of the view that everything can be expressed numerically.

Pythagoras determined the quality of each number and instituted a system with which we work today. This art was known in Babylon, Egypt, India and China. Numerology gives us each and every issue of our birth dates that individual value and quality of emotional energy and it allows us to appreciate and recognize our very own personality and answer the question "Who we are". It gives us information about our strengths and weaknesses and how best to manage and use. It also leads us to enable us to their weaknesses tolerant, because we have just given their life's journey.

Compared with the numbers in the date of birth of other people will help us find what unites us and not what we're different. Numerology will answer the question of where and why differences between people exist. Ability or inability is not indicative of anything good or bad character of a man, but only that everyone was born with different qualities. Had parents often noticed the date of birth of their children, it would be rather eliminate prejudice that children must be the same as parents. And by then it may be possible to use the talents and abilities that children actually have to do to help them find the maximum possible rational solutions to their way of life.

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